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NHA Complex

Project Brief

The National Housing Authority (NHA) Office Tower is the first phase of the development within the NHA Main Office Compound. The development is situated on an 8,000 square meter portion of the Southeastern side of the property facing Mayaman Street and adjacent to the GSD Building.




Concept Design
Drawing Sketch



Performative Design

In the building's facade design, facade panels parametrically developed based on the orientation of the sun's rays. By orienting the build facade elements, solar radiation and heat gain of the building is kept to a minimum, leading to a reduction in cooling costs and energy usage of the building.

Long Term Development Goals

The first phase of the property is large enough to accommodate two towers. To maximize the use of the property, the final design includes an interim commercial building in lieu of the future Office Tower 2 which is located beside the NHA Office Tower. The final design of the NHA Office Tower is composed of an iconic tower housing 14 levels of prime leasable office space, capped with panoramic viewing decks to view the surroundings.

Designing for an Equitable Future

The NHA office complex is designed to be a revenue-generating development, with income generated from commercial spaces and rentals. This financial influx will significantly bolster funding for socialized housing programs, enabling the National Housing Authority to expand its reach and provide affordable housing solutions to even more individuals and families in need, strengthening communities and fostering social equality.

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