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Ateneo De Manila University

Sports Hub

Project Brief

The Ateneo Sports Hub will play a large role in shaping the growth of the community. By providing a safe, comfortable, and exciting space for both learning and exercise, the building is poised to serve as a community center for the country’s future leaders.

Project Type

Institutional Development


Interior Design
Project Management




Marikina City

The synergistic building program allows for the building typology to evolve past a simple sports facility, transforming it into a hub for student growth.

Meanwhile, innovations on the building façade, driven by performative design, seek to lower the environmental footprint of the building, while creating comfort for the users. The various design strategies employed by JOG+A in the building will allow for increased passive cooling, and control of UV penetration within the structure.

The Ateneo Sports Hub Building embodies a modern architectural design that seamlessly integrates functionality, sustainability, and aesthetic appeal. Situated within the Ateneo de Manila University campus, the Sports Hub serves as a dynamic center for athletic excellence, recreation, and community engagement.

The Sports Hub is meticulously organized to accommodate a diverse range of athletic facilities, training areas, and support spaces. The layout emphasizes efficient circulation, intuitive wayfinding, and optimal utilization of space to enhance user experience and accessibility.

As an iconic landmark and community hub, the Ateneo Sports Hub serves as a catalyst for campus life, school spirit, and collective engagement. Beyond its role as a sports facility, the building fosters a sense of belonging, pride, and camaraderie among students, alumni, faculty, and visitors, reinforcing the university's mission of forming men and women for others.

In summary, the Ateneo Sports Hub Building represents a visionary architectural achievement that embodies the spirit of athleticism, sustainability, and community at the heart of the Ateneo de Manila University campus. Through its innovative design, functional versatility, and inclusive programming, the Sports Hub enriches campus life, promotes holistic well-being, and inspires excellence in sports and beyond.

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