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Anako Philippines Corporation Office

Project Brief

The ANAKO Office is an eight storey office building located in Quezon City. The design fosters creativity and collaboration, featuring open spaces with flexible workstations that seamlessly transition into recreational zones. Seamlessly merging industrial aesthetics with contemporary design principles, the building offers dynamic and inspiring workspaces for its occupants.This fusion of work and play cultivates a balanced and engaging atmosphere, boosting morale and inspiring innovative ideas.

Project Type

Office Project


Interior Design
Project Management




Quezon City

This eight-story building With its open-plan layout, the ANAKO Office fosters collaboration and creativity, encouraging a fluid exchange of ideas among colleagues.


However, what truly sets this office apart is its vibrant and playful auxiliary spaces. From cozy lounges adorned with mural art to whimsical breakout areas featuring bean bags and play spaces, every corner of the ANAKO Office exudes an air of excitement and possibility

Here, work and play intertwine effortlessly, nurturing a culture of balance and productivity.

With its bold architecture and innovative approach to workspace design, the ANAKO Office redefines the traditional office environment, offering a stimulating and engaging experience for all who step through its doors.​

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