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Museo Marino

Project Brief

The Museo Marino is the Associated Marine Officers’ and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines’ (AMOSUP) maritime museum. The museum structure features multiple interactive exhibits, with a heavy nautical inspiration. Replica model ships and porthole inspired viewing windows showcase the Philippine’s rich maritime history.

Project Type

Institutional Development


Interior Design
Project Management





Museo Marino - JOG+Associates

The AMOSUP Sports Center’s design language is heavily inspired by the sea. Wave-like forms shroud the building facade in an organic, flowing pattern to create a distinctive and iconic building facade.

In between the wave like fins, the building has a passive cooling system, placing permeable facade systems in gaps between to create a venturi-like effect, increasing the passive airflow within the building.

Museo Marino - JOG+Associates
Museo Marino | JOG+Associates

The exhibit’s ornamental focal point is a brightly colored boat hull which draws the visitor’s eye in the museum, leading them down the exhibit path. Glass floors in certain portions of the museum showcase the building’s pool underneath, giving the sensation of being immersed in water.

Museo Marino - JOG+Associates
Museo Marino - JOG+Associates
Museo Marino - JOG+Associates

These building systems serve to create comfortable environments for the sports facilities, which include a competition-grade basketball court, gyms, saunas, and a 25-meter long pool, which features waveform ceiling ornaments.

Museo Marino - JOG+Associates
Museo Marino - JOG+Associates
Museo Marino - JOG+Associates

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