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AYSN Sports Center

Project Brief

The AYSN Sports Center, located in the heart of New Manila, stands as a dynamic emblem of versatility and aspiration.

Project Type

Commercial Development


Interior Design




Quezon City

Combining commercial spaces with top-tier athletic facilities, it serves as a hub for both sport and community engagement. Boasting a competition basketball court and a refreshing swimming pool, it caters to athletes of all levels. Yet, its offerings extend beyond the realm of sports, incorporating amenities like a kindergarten review center and a convenient supermarket. The structure's facade, characterized by sharp angular lines reminiscent of a mountaintop, symbolizes the challenges awaiting within—a testament to the resilience and determination inherent in athletic pursuit. With its innovative design and multifaceted offerings, the AYSN Sports Center beckons individuals to conquer their aspirations, both within and beyond its walls.

AYSN Sports - JOG+Associates

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