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New Manila House

Project Brief

The New Manila house stands as a striking homage to Iberian architecture, embracing classical elements that exude timeless elegance and charm. At its core, the residence showcases quintessential features synonymous with Spanish design, creating a captivating blend of tradition and modern comfort. Adorning the roofline are iconic terracotta tiles, a hallmark of Spanish architecture revered for their visual warmth and practical durability.

Project Type

Residential Development






New Manila

The exterior walls of the New Manila house are cloaked in white stucco, imparting a textured and earthy allure reminiscent of Mediterranean villas. This classic choice of material not only enhances the architectural aesthetic but also reflects the region's sun-drenched landscapes. Arched windows and doorways punctuate the facade, instilling a sense of continuity and flow throughout the residence. These graceful arches not only serve as architectural focal points but also bathe the interiors in natural light, fostering an ambiance of openness and warmth.

New Manila Residence - JOG Associates

Adding to the allure of the New Manila house are decorative wrought iron elements meticulously integrated into various details, from gates to railings. These ornate accents contribute to the overall charm and sophistication of Spanish homes, infusing the residence with an air of timeless grandeur. Completing the picture-perfect scene is a lush veranda, offering a serene retreat where owners can unwind amidst meticulously landscaped gardens. The New Manila house stands as more than just a dwelling; it's a warm and inviting villa, where classical elegance meets modern comfort in perfect harmony.

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