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Hemady Square

Project Brief

Hemady Square: A Dynamic Hub of Urban Life Located along the bustling Doña Hemady Street in Quezon City, Hemady Square stands as a testament to innovative architectural design and community-centric development. Crafted by the esteemed firm JOG+Associates, this five-story mixed-use commercial complex redefines urban living by seamlessly integrating various spaces to cater to the diverse needs of its occupants and visitors.

Project Type

Commercial Development


Project Management




Quezon City

Hemady Square - JOG+Associates

Versatile Spaces for Diverse Needs

At the heart of Hemady Square lies its vibrant mix of amenities and establishments. From photo studios to banks, BPO offices to cozy cafes and restaurants, the building pulsates with activity throughout the day. This diverse array of offerings not only caters to the daily necessities of its patrons but also fosters a dynamic environment where creativity and commerce intersect.

A Multi-Functional Oasis

One of the standout features of Hemady Square is its top floor, which boasts a multi-functional area that can be rented out for events. This flexible space serves as a venue for various gatherings, from corporate functions to social celebrations. However, its versatility doesn't end there. On weekends, the multi-functional area transforms into a place of worship, hosting serene Masses that provide spiritual nourishment to the community.

Hemady Square - JOG+Associates
Hemady Square - JOG+Associates

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