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Il Terrazzo

Project Brief

Built at the heart of Tomas Morato Avenue, Il Terrazzo was designed with the goal of creating an intimate mall experience, while retaining the unique entertainment strip unique to the area.

Project Type

Residential Development


Interior Design
Project Management




Quezon City

Il Terrazzo contains several Al Fresco areas, creating an outdoor dining experience like no other. With its high ceilings, wide open spaces and elegant lighting, Il Terrazzo exudes a feeling of quality distinct from any nearby destination. On the upper ground floor, water jets from an ornamental fountain, adding to the relaxed and sophisticated ambiance. While in the open air, patrons are surrounded by the tranquil music that distracts them from any unwanted noise.

Designed with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind, the design utilizes passive ventilation to allow free air circulation around the structure, while on the hotter summer days, numerous jet mists are used to cool the outdoor areas.

Il Terrazzo - JOG+Associates

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