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Seoul Art Complex

Project Brief

The primary purpose of the design is to provide a built environment that embraces the natural, historical, and artistic context of Pyeongchang-dong. At the same time, it encourages the interaction of the members of the art community among themselves, and the interaction of this community to its environment. The architecture, in following the topography of the mountain on which it sits, enhances the artistic value and enriches the cultural experience possessed by its local setting.

Project Type

Institutional Development


Architectural Competition
Interior Design
Project Management



Seoul Art Complex - JOG+Associates

Deriving from the age-old Korean folklore of creation, the integral experience of the complex is a parallelism of the three stages of this story: chaos, struggle and enlightenment. Symbolizing the inner conflict of the tiger and bear in their struggle to be human, the visitors find themselves progressing through the ascending exhibition through a winding path of galleries, alluding through the tiger and bear’s struggle to emerge from the cave. At the peak of the development, the viewers are treated to an exhilarating view of the scenery that awaits them, having been enriched by the experience. This is in parallel to the final attainment of humanity by the bear in the Korean creation story.

Seoul Art Complex - JOG+Associates
Seoul Art Complex - JOG+Associates
Seoul Art Complex - JOG+Associates

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